John Williams

Chelsea –

Victim Location 60527

Type of a scam Other

The scammer reached out to me via contact form on my graphic design portfolio. He stated he needed a website for an apartment listing, and that he had a budget of $800, and had content and images for me ready to go. The first red flag was, I kept requesting for him to send me images of the apartment listing, three times and never not once received them. The second red flag was I decided to look up the apartment listing on google, and it turns out it no longer existed and if it did was copied and paste text. The third red flag was, instead of paying me via paypal as I take for payment he stated that he was sending me a check and his following storyas too why he was sending me a check sounded like BS (See images below). Other red flags were, his spelling was off, when I would ask for images i would never receive them, he even text me, and even the way he texted sounded like a scam. When i decided to call the number, i received a greeting of "the text mail subscriber you are trying to reach is not avaliable". Which is a common form of using a fake number online. I also noticed the number was a 234 listing which is OHIO, but he claimed the apartment for sale was in New York. Too many red flags. Freelance Website Designers and Graphic Designers BEWARE. These scammers aka fake clients are now targeting US! Please make sure your client is legit. I was lucky enough to spot the red flags and peep BS when i see it. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 76539

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The caller called me and said that I won a publishing clearing house sweet sake of $850,000 also a brand new 2018 pick up truck and that I needed to pay a $100 registration fee in order to be registered so my information will be kept confidential and I will be able to receive the check.

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