Johnson and Johnson Spoof

Kenneth – Jul 23, 2020

Victim Location 19150

Type of a scam Employment

My (notes)

First Email Contact: (Mon. Jul 20, 2020 at 10:35 AM)

from –

To: me

First Email Response from Me

From – my email address

expressing personal interest in the job offer with verification code (*****)

Instructions give via email from office deskjnj

To: Me

I was ask via email to download the Telegram app. after giving them a reference code (*****) which verified I was the cannidate they were going to interview for the Adminstrative Assistance Position.

I, Downloaded (Telegram App) then put in jnj

Interview for Administration Assistant Job

on Monday, July 20, 2020 @ 12noon

Which contained a series of job interviewing questions, typed test, contact information while identifying your personal bank you are using as information for submission to receive your weekly pay check for direct deposit and the start – up check containing your sign on bonus and money to purchase a hp lap top with Johnson & Johnson logo, your full name and software packages used by the company to process work online.


Using the downloaded (Telegram App.) ( then set up an account with my (*** ***** ** ********) contact number/name

username @officedeskjandj or number +1 650 243 3935

someone stands by for your message, hiring code – ***** best regards, Paul Chris

After testing with many questions you type in answers to, you are given a job offer after successful test results. (They are mining information.) They want to know if you have a bank account, which bank, your full name and mailing address. So that they can send you a check to cover the cost for training materials to start and online training coarse next Monday.

They give you the details of the job offer and tell you they will email you with the offer letter which needs your signature and a picture of your drivers license to verify you can work in the United States which you email back after following instructions.

For the bogus job offer they tell you via Telegram – You will be entitled to $25/hr working for 8hr./day. This means that you would receive a $100 sign on bonus. You would receive your salary at the end of each week.

Also, please list your References (minimum of 3) so we can find out more about you and your previous working capabilities.

They will send a bogus check for $2,850.00 from PLUMAS BANK (www.plumas Bank 90-3828/1211) to cover training materials for next weeks online training class which includes MONEY TO PURCHASE AN HP laptop with fast internet connection / Navision Financial and Autoplus software / Johnson & Johnson name and company logo on laptop

The reference I sent them via Telegram app are: (They only want names and email addresses.)

******* ****** & ***** people who worked for me at my now closed business

The express mail sent had this information:

The priority mail express (USPS) From: Kim Serivices Inc.

Paul Morrison

650 Bloomfield Ave.

Bloomfield NJ 07003

Ship To:

***** ** ******** **** ******* **** ******* *** ********** I was skeptical and did research. Two(2) questions cause skepticism. (1) Why so much money given for training materials? (2) Why do I have to use the ATM machine for deposit? Can I use the teller instead?

When I went to my bank ****** *** **** ******* ****** ***** I ask them to look at this check and tell me if there is something wrong with depositing this check via ATM into my bank account. The bank teller automatically knew it was a fraud and bogus and told me that they would keep the originals (check and letter) and send it to loss prevention.

Then I called the real Johnson and Johnson via information on their company website to inform them of this act of fraud that I was saved from with the bogus check sent to me.

Johnson & Johnson

********* reference number to the next agent for (1 866 565 2873)

contact us / attach emails & files sent / attentent (May)

Johnson & Johnson

********* reference number to the next agent for (1 866 565 2873)

send pdf documents via website email on Wednesday, 07/22/20

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