Johnson Stuffing Chandart Groups

Suzanne –

Victim Location 30253

Type of a scam Employment

Note: I haven’t actually been scammed by these people. Although the 1st email convinced me it was a real job offer, I wised up before they could scam me.

I applied as a data entry clerk on for a firm called Johnson Stuffing Chandart Groups, which is supposedly in Atlanta, GA. About 1-2 weeks later, they sent me an initial email saying that, while someone had already been selected as a data entry clerk, my resume shows that I’m “credible” and can work as a Personal Assistant. The sender, “Charles Murray”, said that I can start working as soon as they returned from Chicago.

No interview.

No company tour.

I was hired, right on the spot! I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

I was eagerly searching for a job, being a recent college grad. So, I was excited. I was convinced that I had finally received a job. I sent them my name, street address, and phone number. They didn’t ask for a SSN or a routing number to steal my money, so I assumed it was legitimate. However, I later found an entire forum full of complaints about this “personal assistant” offer on I became suspicious. The emails that the forum users received sounded eerily similar, but I wanted to think it was a real job offer since I had been unsuccessfully searching for a job for a few months.

When the 2nd email came in, they suddenly claimed to be working with a nameless charitable organization. They never sent me an employment contract or anything like that. They asked me to send money to the charity and that they’d mail the package to me in 1-2 business days. At that point, I had to admit that it was a scam. Because I gave them my street address, they were able to send me a package and a fake check.

Luckily, I caught this scheme before I cashed any checks for these money launderers. And, when I receive their package, I can send it straight to the police, who’ll hopefully trace it back to these fools. So, at least this story has a happy ending!

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