Jojones civil engineering

Francisco –

Victim Location 37683

Total money lost $5,046

Type of a scam Phishing

I met him on our time dating site. We corresponded for about 2 months. I believed he was a real person and wasn’t familiar with catfishing. He supposedly had a new job contract with his company to go to Bahrain. He supposedly contacted me by phone from there numerous times. His story was he couldn’t get his equipment out of customs…needed money. He received most of the money from his uncle, brother and friend, but still needed $5000.00. Stupid me.. cleared my saving account out to send him money so he could come home and meet me. As time went by his love letters and phone calls were more convincing to love me. Then he needed money to get the construction site cleaned up. Another lie! He wanted me to take money out of my long term savings investment to send him, I didn’t. He also had a check sent to me from his last job site in the Philippines which was over 100Million. Such lies and vulnerable me believed it to a point. I’m now broke with my money and heart! When I wouldn’t send more money he stopped corresponding by phone, text and email. I have had his website removed, turned him into FBI, BBB and every one I know of, even the dating site. It was my first time on a dating site….never again.

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