Jonathan Havanese Home

Barry –

Victim Location 21015

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My wife and I were searching online for Havanese puppy breeders and came across this website. We called this person "Jonathan" about buying a Havanese puppy. The price he offered was very low given all of the research we had done. He was offering a special 50% off discount of $550. When we actually spoke to him, we had a very hard time understanding him – he had a French accent. We asked for a reference and he provided us a number of someone. When I called that person, he was French as well. It all sounded very fishy to me. I copied sections of the website, including Testimonials and general info and pasted it in a google search and I came across the exact same language on other websites as well. We immediately blocked all of the numbers that we used in reaching Jonathan and the reference. We never discussed how we would pay for the puppy and never provided him any information about ourselves outside of our names. There are also sections of his website that still include some identifiable name from the real website it was copied from. The website is still active and I hope no ones ends up sending him any money.

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