Jones and Mina Parrots

Jose –

Victim Location 73112

Total money lost $944

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a Fraud case. This online Parrot Seller charged me $850 for a female Eclectus Parrot and $94 for shipping. Some man called me later to give me a tracking number. He then told me he would call me when the Parrot is on the plane heading to Oklahoma. He called several hours later demanding $ 985 as insurance for the Parrot delivery to be refunded cash at the time of delivery. He wanted me to go to Walmart and send a money gram to another guys name.

I have all correspondence if needed.

I believe I was scammed and the Seller and the Shipper are one and the same. They sent me bogus emails from the shipping company.

I believe if I had sent the second amount of $985 I still wouldn’t have a Parrot. Because they don’t have any Parrots to sell.

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