Joy dachshund puppies

Adrian –

Victim Location 91024

Total money lost $2,100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was searching for the perfect puppy. So, I sent an inquiry about a pup they called Lola. I believed they were legit, because they seemed sincerely interested in making sure Lola was placed in a good home. Her "rehoming fee"was 4 hundred, but they said they could deliver her for 128, for a total of 598. They asked me to wire the money Western Union. They also wanted a picture of the reciept. Then i got a prompt email response saying they would put her on a plane the next morning. In hindsight, i should have paid attention to the red flags all along the way. The first red flag was when i asked for a current picture to reassure me the pup was in their care and not a fake. However, they referred me back to the website

This morning I received an URGENT email from an animal transportation company called Swift Animal Transportation. They were apparently ready to ship Lola to me, but they needed 1499 to "rent" some type of special crate. In the email they said they would reimburse me 95 percent of the money back as soon as they deliver the pup.

Tracy –

Victim Location 18103

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sounds ok , till i had to go to *** to get a money order & the dog was going to be shipped right away by air. RED FLAG !!!

Ruben –

Victim Location 83617

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Claims to be a reputable breeder. Puppies are cheap (too cheap for being purebreds/ having AKC registration). They will not meet in person/ Will only ship. They also will request you personal information such as name, address, etc. I did notice that their spelling is not great.

Dominique –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a scam. Asked a few questions about the dogs get name and health certificate. Never got a response.mfurther investigation revealed that this is a scam and they have been reported in the past.

Costs of puppies way too low…red flag. All the dogs are in photos with different backgrounds. The puppies are way to beautiful…stock photos. Called the number…got a male Asian who can hardly speak English and claimed it was his wife’s business. These people are the [censored] of the earth and will rot in hell.

Albert –

Victim Location 37914

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Just like the other joy puppy websites the dachshund was rdy to be shipped over night!!! For just 150 and the dog is 350 thay have a thick middle eastern accent and thay are in Richmond tx his name JACOB GRAY

Zip code….. 77406

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