JR Fence Iron Works AKA Ricardo A. Collazo

Cassandra –

Victim Location 33189

Total money lost $2,400

Type of a scam Home Improvement

His name is Ricardo A. Collazo and he is a scammer and a thief. He does business under the name JR Fence & Iron Works.

I wrote him a deposit check in the amount of $2,400 dollars for a new wood fence and after he cashed my check he disappeared. He finally showed up a month later with giving me a heads up at my house to give me a story about his wife going into early labor at Baptist Hospital and then his phone braking and that was the reason he could not complete the work or contact me.

How do you just ignore calls and text messages that went on for weeks. He could of easily contacted me with any phone because my cell number was written on the executed agreement which he also had a copy of.

This man belong behind bars!

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