JT Roland

Cindy –

Victim Location 54159

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

A call was received stating our grandson had travelled out of state to a funeral, had rented a van, swerved to miss a car that had pulled out in front of them and hit a pole. Our grandson was at the Las Vegas police station and was trying to get a judge to hear the case but needed $5000 to pay for the pole and van damage in order to get a hearing. We were asked to keep it confidential so as not to worry our grandson’s parents. Spoke with the "grandson" and "Sargent", the Sargent asked for a credit card number, but when I told him I didn’t have a high enough amount on a credit card he told me that I needed to send money electronically – he looked up in my town where i could do this and told me that i could go to Radio Shack. The Sargent stated he was with the Las Vegas Police with the name of JT Roland at 514-594-8507. After I hung up, I called the Las Vegas police and they had no one by that name and said the area code of the number given was Quebec Canada. I tried my grandson’s number and didn’t get an answer so I called the number back and spoke with the alleged grandson and Sargent again and asked them to verify a piece of information, they said they couldn’t give out any personal information because their were inmates that could hear them. I asked why my grandson didn’t answer his phone and they said that there was no reception in the holding area of the police department. I was also given a case number. I called my grandson’s parents to confirm if my grandson was at a funeral and they were able to reach my grandson and confirm that the story was not true. When I called my local police department they referred me to the Las Vegas Police Department.

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