Jwtc4 builders

Ashleigh –

Victim Location 76244

Total money lost $36,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Contracted jeff carpenter to build a building and yard, he gave me a price of 275,000. I gave a deposit of 5,000 to start the paper work, I had got a loan from the bank he said he needed the first draw ,no problem he got the draw of 31,000, so as a couple months go by and he said they were dropping equipment to start he requested another 30,000 dollar draw, so I called the engineer he told me he never got payed 25,000 from jeff carpenter, and he gave me another guy’s number that the same thing happened to. So I called the guy he said he got him for 300,000, then he told me of another guy jeff got for 200,000 so I went to the police department and filed charges, after a week the detective called me and said this is how he works, you cant get jeff for theft it has to be civil lawsuit, but jeff has nothing. The detective said the law needs to be changed, I agree, once the engineer paper work starts its not thief, but in reality it is. This guy does to alot of people, beware.

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