Gary –

Victim Location 29646

Type of a scam Tech Support

I answered a call with caller ID that said "MAAD LLC 973-478-1479," and a man with a strong middle eastern accent introduced himself as Victor. He said he was calling because their (never said a company name or anything) systems showed my Microsoft computer had been infected with malware or spyware. I told him to have found that out his company would have had to have hacked my computer. He interrupted me became very rude and very aggressive yelling at me that a hacker would not call to ask permission to hack my computer. When I told him "right they would call to try to get the rest of my information while pretending to be someone else," he got very assertive and mean while still trying to get me to get on my computer and do certain steps to fix my computer. At this point I lied and said I had an Apple not a Microsoft computer and for the third time, demanded he take me off the call list then hung up.

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