MAB CorporationUSA

Marcus –

Victim Location 93265

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job on a reputable job posting board and was contacted by the listed recruiter Katie Weingarden of MAB Corporation USA to do an online interview through google hangout. The company and address were real. A second person texted me named john J Ellis with an email of [email protected] The job offered was totally different than what I applied for. They offered high dollars and described the job duties plus benefits. Eventually sent me a written job offer and an I9 to fill out. They were sending me a check to cash to purchase a laptop and software from their vendor after which they would schedule my training. Fortunately, my daughter showed me several online stories of similar scams. Unfortunately, now they have my personal information, and I have to begin the process of changing identity documents. Step one enter credit fraud alert with experian.

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