Suzanne – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 11518

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The Owner of this Facebook group is using a hacked version of a video game to inflate prices on what are free in the game. The owner is targeting vulnerable people, mostly children who are unfamiliar with the game and is charging outrageous prices that exceed the cost of the game. This is also in violation with the owner of the video games policy and a violation of the terms of services.

Tommy Diamond uses a hacked Nintendo Switch to create his own characters in the game that he then sends out through the ingame trading system. The process is called "genning" and is against nintendo and game freaks terms of services. The video game "Pokemon Sword" has pokemon able to be obtained for free and is very strict on banning and removing players who hack their switches, and attempt to profit off of their game.

Once the trades go out, he names the characters "" in order to attract buisness. He then tries to charge people $5 dollars to rename the pokemon (which is a free feature) or charges them $8 dollars to create a new one. Attached are prices for what he sells in the game.

In addition to these prices, he charges people for what he calls "mystery trades" where people pay to gamble for several different characters in the game at a price. This behavior is unacceptable as most people who play pokemon are children, and are not aware of what they are doing.

Tommy also uses his posts to create several false and inaccurate statements about his "services" to scare people into paying for his time. Please see below are screenshots of his facebook page, and the prices he is charging for a childrens video game. I hope that this is enough to shut this down.

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