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Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a position for ‘Data Entry Clerk’ with Macho Medical Group on This position was also posted on LinkedIn. The following day, I received a notification from stating that the company will be in touch with me to set up an interview. The following day, I received a call on my mobile phone from 1-437-370-1359 with the caller ID Ontario. A man with a strong accent introduced himself as James Clarke and asked if I had time to proceed with an interview right then. The interview took about 10 minutes. I felt like he was awkward and was reading the questions from a script, but thought it was because there may be a language barrier. He told me I would receive updates about my application by phone. The following day he called an let me know that I would be receiving an offer letter by email. I received the email from Michael Jones at [email protected] I was asked to sign the offer letter, to provide a copy of the front and back of my driver’s license, a copy of proof of residence (they suggested a credit card or bank statement, but I sent a utility bill), and my direct deposit information. The following day, I received an email to set me up in the company email portal. I was told I would receive a call from my supervisor, James Clarke, when I could confirm that I was able to login using credentials they provided. Then I received an email asking me to use my bank’s mobile app to make a remote deposit (when you endorse a check and submit a photo of the front and back) without a physical check, but rather using only photos of the check that they provide. The check was for $4500 and was for the purpose of purchasing equipment for my home office. Here is a quote from one of the emails after I told them my bank has a daily deposit limit and that they will not accept photos of a photo: "For time management purposes, the check of $4500 issued to you will be made null and void immediately and you will be issued another check of $1500 daily for 3 days starting from Monday, 29th October, 2018 and you will be required to make part-payment of $1500 daily to the official vendor for your startup equipments and softwares which your supervisor will make all arrangements and guide you through the process, as setting up a direct deposit for start-up will take longer and further extend your training start up date." I have since frozen my bank account, and plan to close it today since they have my account information. When we first became suspicious, my husband I tried to do further research. Initially, I had only looked at their website,, briefly. Having looked more closely, we found that some of the emails listed are Gmails rather than company emails. The two locations listed in California have the same hours as their Ontario location which is not in the same time zone. We called the phone numbers listed for the other locations and they were redirected to a different number’s voicemail. There is no information online about Macho Medical Group, and it is clearly a fake company. I have email exchanges and screenshots to provide, if needed. I discussed the situation with my local police, who said they can’t do anything if a crime hasn’t been committed yet. I am currently asking Macho Medical Group to send me a physical paper check. If they do, and I can verify that the check is a bad one, then I am hoping that will be considered a crime by the police. I just want to prevent someone else from being scammed by these people.

Blake –

Type of a scam Employment

they called for a phone interview that took not more then 5 mins to complete they record your voice, on friday october 22 they called me back to tell me that i got the job. they emailed me a contract along with a medical questionnaire that did not make any sense.. on friday the texted me telling me to check my work email that they setup that the first steps to training are there.. when i opened the email it was instruction on how to deposit a 3,000 check through mobile banking using a photo of a photo..and with the money i was to purchase a Epson work force es-200 portable duplex document scanner with adf and 1 year repair warranty…after i was suppose to purchase this i was suppose to send them the copy of the receipt and that the remainder of the money was for office equipment to my home which was of a new computer and phone with headphones if found this to be fishy red flags went up and i started to google and investigate further i called the bank listed on the there so called business check and of course there is no business with this name listed..i then to proceed to looking into there website and found out that there is another exact same information as this macho medical group i contacted that business in Texas and asked if they where affiliated with macho medical the informed me that they are aware of this company and they are scamming people.. and they are trying to shut down there operation.. this business macho medical group isn’t even registered with the have also seen there ads on cp24… dont be fooled and do not apply with this company there are a scam and fraud.

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