mackenzie muyeson

Cassie –

Victim Location 94607

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hi my name is *** *** im am a victim of scam i we on the internet to see if i can find a puppy for my daughter websit and I found a person that was giving her puppies away so i ask for a girl and asked if i need to pay a shipping fee person name Mackenize Muyeson phone number (302)307-6146 google phone number turns out.Anyways the person said yes 195 so i money gram her 195 on 06/24/2017to Maryland Baltimore ok good so after that I get an email from Delta air cargo service saying we have your puppy we are about to put it on a plane.Then i get an email on 06/24/2017 saying that the crate the animal is in, is not the right crate for the puppy to fly in so i have to rent the crate and the money would be refunded back to me which is 340 dollars.Now I talked the person giving me the puppy about the crate i told her we need to rent the crent and we get it refunded so i sent her 240 on 06/24/2017 to Maryland Baltimore now supposedly the person sent them 100 dollars along with my 240 by money gram.The I get and email on the 06/25/2017 saying my that my puppy do not have health insurance for the puppy to fly which is 980 and my puppy is now in OKC now and the money is refundabl so i ask them was this a scam because you guys keep ask for money and that Iam ready to call the police and that i don’t have 980 also why are we just now finding this out. So they told me hey you want to call the police because we asked for insurance money for your puppy to be saft and that anyone of there branches can ask for the insurance money and that if i do pay it they will report me to the FBI and i would go to jail and have to pay a 5000 fine for pet abandonment so I text the owner of the puppy like hey we need to pay for the health insurance fee which is refundable and is 980.So on 06/26/2017 i sent the owner 200 dollars to Maryland Balitmore by money gram because that all I have and they said they would help me. So supposedly she came up with 530 dollars and she said we only need 250 I said ok so i went to money gram to see if i can get a load i did cause lets face it i don’t want to go to while im there i get an email form Delta saying the owner /sender has sent in 730 which is her 530 plus my 200 in sent so that mean we needed 250 so got toad and was told by delta to send the rest of the money 250 to EJANG SYLVIE EWOBOUGYENE to Cameroon/Camerun on 06/26/2017 by western union.The next day 06/27/2017 now my puppy is in NEW MEXICO by western union and now they are telling me i have to play 150 because they had to feed and give my puppy a place to stay for the last 3 days. SO once again I text the owner like I now have to pay 150 for them feeding and giving the puppy somewhere to sleep and i only have 95 but i can send 83 because it cost to send money can you help me we only need 67 dollars more. So they said yes and supposedly they sent the 67 to Delta and so i sent the 83 dollars to the by money gram on 06/27/2017. So the next day today the 06/28/2017 and they are emailing me tell me my puppy might be sick. Then i get another email saying your puppy is sick and needs to be Quarantine and can not travel with other animal because the puppy could have something that could get the other animals sick or killed and i need to pay 1900.Well told them I don’t have 1900 dollars and this got to be a scam because every day its something going on with the puppy and you keep asking me or threatening me saying if i don’t your going to turn me in to the FBI. And that i was just going to make a report to see if this is real or a scam and they said. DEAR CLIENT, SINCE YOU SAID THIS IS A SCAM IS OKAY THAT IS ASSAULT WE HAVE SEND YOUR CASE TO THE FBI ALREADY.SO WE HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT FOR YOU TO CANTACT US SO WE SEE IF THERE IS ANYTHING WE CAN HELP BUT RATHER YOU DECIDE TO INSULT US. I told them to call because i now this is a scam and I am calling the FBI now and is leaving them a message and that I am calling Delta air cargo service to find out whats going on because i have asked you numerous times to send me the reference number that my puppy is up under and the registration number and flight or tracking number and you told me you don’t give that out when the puppy is in transition and I’ve also asked the owner/sender of the puppy for receipt and flight and reference number and registration number and tracking number and I’ve gotten no responds.SO I called Delta air service and told them what happen and they told me it was a scam and the don’t email there clients and the make sure the give a reference number or registration number witch start with 00 and to call the AND I DID. AND FBI.

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