Madison consulting group

Charles –

Victim Location 72103

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Contacted my sister in law to inform her that my husband needed to call in 15 minutes or they were sending someone to our house. When I contacted them they said he owed an outstanding balance of originally close to $3000 dollars but now because debt collection efforts was close to $6000 dollars. He kept threatening to come after me for my husbands debt. Mentioning the possibility of suing us. Said we could make payments on it and gave us several options but the first payment was a ballon payment and required $570 dollars down. Kept wanting to know if we could settle the debt that day how much we could pay. My husband said no more than $1000. So he ended putting us on hold for 5 minutes and came back on the line and said it had been approved and we could pay $500 that day and $500 a week later. They were so convincing that we paid the $500 and upon further investigation the company that removed the money from my account was TCF and associates who has serveral complaints against them. The office address provided is a virtual office address. I called back today to inform them I was aware that this was a scam and the woman still insisted that it is a legit business. I told her I would not be talking to Christopher chambers again who was the original caller. She informed me that this was no scam I said then why is the address you guys provided me with a virtual office to which she replied I see that you have paid off your debt did they give you a zero balance letter? To which I stated no. I didn’t tell her because obviously we had agreed to another payment this week. To which she responded I will get that sent out to you today and hung up. The zero balance letter also wanted a signature saying that I would uphold the original agreement which I will not sign. I cancelled my bank card and ordered a new one to stop payment. Be careful these scammers are experts.

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