Maersk Line Vacation Retirement Commission

John –

Victim Location 07110

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Phishing

Maersk Line

May 11

to me

New SEC. Credit Control Dept.

Maersk Line Vacation & Retirement Commission and Industry DG

Communication and Information Unit/R4

BREY 13/ 092

United States.

Released: 11th May, 2018.

Attn. *** ***


I wish to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My Name is Captain Burno Richard I work under the Maersk line vacation program which is Subsidiary to the Bureau For National Investigation (BNI) Authority, i reside there in the United States upon an approval that has been given in regards your husbands (*** *** *** ) retirement benefit and retirement program.

And also we just confirm with the board of directors on granting your husband (*** *** *** ) his retirement program to being from 5th of June 2018 so he can come home to prepare for his wedding and moving to Florida, and all expenses required for his arrival has being provided by our management. So all expenses to be incurred is for delivery charges and the airport cab that would be picking up your husband from the airport because he would be flying in from two various airports before arriving in your nominated airport you would be giving to us below.


They are some retirement benefits attach to this, A car, vacation trip to any country of your choice pay for by the company for your honeymoon and also your husband retirement benefit of $2.5 million dollars that would be sent to you either via bank transfer or delivery.

Fill out Claims Requirements for proper verification and get back to me for immediate dispatch of your husband retirement benefits.

Claims Requirements:








NEver came and they have ben asking for money every week ever since even received threads to kill or kidnap one of my kids

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