Maggie’s Teacup Pugs

Jimmy – May 11, 2020

It is with deep regret that I have to report this review with regards to Maggie’s Teacup Pugs and that I am coming forward as being a victim of this horrible scam… I thought I knew better but I let my emotions make my next decisions 😞. My intention was to buy my 5 year old (almost 6)
daughter her own pug puppy during a time when the world is crazy and not so normal.

I emailed them and received an email back with the bait questions… even sent me a text to advise they sent the email. Once I responded (of course I was approved) the person gave me CashPro as the form of payment (again should’ve know better). Sent $400 and told them I would send the remaining funds upon the puppy’s arrival. The next morning I started to feel uneasy and tried to cancel my funds, though was declined. I then emailed the individual with my concerns… their response how and why would you think that (ugh). Next they would be dropping the dog off at the location that was going to ship… and then I get the additional scam email wanting more money because of extenuating circumstances (i.e insurance). I emailed the individual promptly and let them know I would not be paying and to refund my money but of course it was too late … they went silent 😞

Please do not fall victim! I do not want other families to go through the heart ache that we have endured!
Email- Teacup Pug’s- [email protected]
CashPro Username- Mary Stout

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Deborah – May 05, 2020

OMG I am so glad I double checked to see if this is a scam. I received two emails and when I asked to see better pictures they have not responded. My friend owns teacups and she told me to tell them to see a video to see if they are active or even real. Thank you all.

Maggie – May 05, 2020

Unfortunately me and my husband were scammed by these people. We were looking at puppies for our daughter for her birthday and stumbled upon them. Looked at there website everything seemed legit. They answered all of our questions asked us questions. after sending them $600 they stopped all communication, I googled there website and this popped up… THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

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Teresa – May 04, 2020

I initially contacted “Maggie” with some questions on the pugs.

She has 4 different options: Jess, Jones, Nellie, and Fellice. When she was telling me the age of the puppies and when they’re available, I found it a little odd that they were delivering puppies that young.

She quoted me $460 for females, $450 for males, and $150 for delivery. When I asked to see the males, I was first ignored and then sent pictures where I decided upon a male. She THEN told me the male was $460. After asking about the price two times after that to verify, she ignored the question and responded with the need of a deposit, and that she only accepted Cashapp, Western union, money gram, etc. (like the other posts).

I found it odd that she was suddenly so demanding.

I asked what the cashapp info was and she told me $willowncass was the tag, and the name was Anthony Tyler. She then proceeded to tell me it was a $600 total after claiming the deposit was $300. Just all over the place.

I couldn’t find an Anthony Tyler- but she claimed they didn’t have a Facebook page due to “fraud”.

Finally, I decided to just search maggiesteacuppugs and this was the first thing that came up.

Thank you everyone for your reviews, seriously!

If it had not been for this page I may have given $300 to some pathetic stranger.

Times are tough for everyone right now, and aside from being stuck at home, my boyfriend and I were incredibly lonely after our roommate moved out with his cat (who we obviously became attached to-were animal people lol)

Knowing that I was debating on if we were going to be able to take this on financially, as well as his portion of the rent, while also wanting to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, is just upsetting.

I just hope no one wastes their money on this POS.

Maria – May 04, 2020

Total scammers. They try to convince me that they only take cash via walmart, MoneyGram, CashApp, or Western Union. No credit card or PayPal
They say the dog will be shipped 3 to 4 hours after you make payment via “private cargo” and so forth and so on. I got suspicious and checked their phone number, which returned as “scammers”. BE aware

Susan – May 01, 2020

They are scammers. I asked them multiple times if we could video chat so that I could see the puppies. They ignored my question in 3 different emails and were rude and condescending when I asked them to go see it in person. They insisted they ship the puppy to me. Scammers.

Kristina – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 07306

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These people are total scammers. They pretend that they sell pug puppies, and try to get your personal information so that they can take your money, and pretend that they are going to have the dog shipped to an airport near you. If you ask to speak on the phone, face time to see the puppies, you are ignored. They won’t let you go in person to pick up the puppies. They are complete scam artists.

April – Apr 25, 2020

Victim Location 23434

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is a scam when I refuse to send money but instead meet in person to do the puppy contract and exchange they no longer wanted my business. Until then they texted me all about the puppy.

Sheila – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 50801

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking to adopt a teacup pug and I came across the website There pictures on the website that I have now done reverse image searches on and found the pug "jess" that I wanted on many different websites, such as Pinterest.

Before I did this, I thought the website looked legitimate, but I did find an error in the opening paragraph where it states to contact "Sarah" for inquires. There was no phone number, location, or contact information available on the website. I provided my email address and received an email back promptly from "Maggie." She sent a list of questions for me to complete and then stated that "Jess" was available and could be shipped to Iowa from Virginia that same day (which is today April 20th, 2020) I found that odd because she did not even have the airport information.

She requested that I send money via MoneyGram, CashApp, or Western Union. She would not accept PayPal or a credit card.

I then asked if she had a Facebook page and she stated that her husband would not allow her to have one and that he is in charge of the finances and I should forward $580.00 to him a NJENEBA DIALLO.

I asked for her if she would send me a picture of "Jess" with a piece of paper with my name on it and it took a long time to get a reply and she send a very obvious photoshopped picture where I could barely see the dog.

My concern is that the website looked very legitamate and I almost sent money to her or possible him or them. I don’t want anyone else to be a victim of scamming.

The picture I attached is the one she sent me. You can see the size of the shoe and the far away picture of the puppy.

Thank you for your time!

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