Devon –

Victim Location 97224

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First I got a call from an unknown number from a woman stating they had to serve me papers and I needed two forms of ID and a witness. They would serve me at my job or at home between the hours of noon and 5pm. In order for me to stop this process I needed to call a certain phone number. I returned the call and after a brief conversation in which the woman indicated this was about a payday loan that I took out some years ago, and paid in Dec 2016, she quoted me the remaining balance. I asked for a Validation notice and was immediately transferred. I was told by the gentleman that I needed to pay a certain amount of money to resolve the matter and avoid being sued. I again asked for a validation notice and was told he would need an "override" from the attorneys. I felt uneasy, knowing I had already paid this debt so I asked what the amount was (that the woman I had talked to first had quoted), and he could not verify the amount the woman had quoted.

Kelsey –

Victim Location 89115

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted bu a Dan Monroe stating he was a collector from Magnolia Services in Las Vegas and that he was hired by Arch holding payday loans which is supposed to be an online pay day loan from 2006. He had information on my past job, one address an old email. So i was thinking maybe i did owe because i did have some unpaid debt from that time. I was on my lunch break and tired so i wasn’t paying attention to the warning signs of a scam. He stated that if i didn’t pay that i would be sued in court for 3200 for this debt.

Mr. Monroe was supposed to send me documents via docusign plus i gave him my debit card number because i was going to pay 3 payments that i really couldn’t afford. I never received any documents, he had my corrected email address,everything. I go home thought about this and things were not settling right. I looked for both companies and there was some scam information about Arch Holdings. I waited til the morning went to work and then called Magnolia services. A guy answered the phone,not like the smacking lady the previous day, and whem i asked for the address he immediately put Mr. Monroe on the phone. This man told me who did i think i was questioning hum and i didn’t have those questiins yesterday, and that i wasted his time setting up this arrangement and that he was going to cancel it. I was like all i asked you for was for your business address and the information for the pay day loan with the documents i never received. He cursed me out was very u professionally and stated he didnt have to be professional because he was doing me a favor.

I was so pissed. I immediately went and cancelled my debit card. Explained to my bank and they confirmed its a scam. This man has been calling me constantly threatening me for the alleged money i owe. Im still waiting to be served these papers. He won’t leave me alone. If i am going ro be serged thats an immediate thing.

Brianna –

Victim Location 25177

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A Mr. Tony Hernandez, called me and told me that I owed a Payday loan. They left me a voice mail saying that papers would be sent to Kanawaha County for a legal summons. I asked for paperwork before I would make a payment. They would not show me paperwork and said I would get the paperwork when I make the first payment. The loan was supposedly from 2014 and I do not recall getting this loan.

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