Whitney –

Total money lost $49.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had lost my subscription to Texture which was a company that allowed me to read thousands of magazines without the need to purchase subscriptions to said magazines for an annual fee which was very affordable. Unfortunately, Apple products bought Texture and because I am an Android user I can no longer use this account. I had been looking for a replacement and received an was sent by Tapjoy, Inc to Magzter website to purchase a subscription that would allow me and two other family members to view Thousands of Magazines for $99 annually. Then I received a coupon via email that said a one time offer for Gold Membership at the rate of $49.99 for one year. I had been looking anyway so I signed up and gave information to process payment. Once the company processed the payment, I was sent to the Website to log in and I asked to have my password reset. I received the email to change my password and log into Magzter to begin reading. To my surprise, not only was my account not listed as a gold membership but I also found that I did not have access to thousands of magazines to read at my disposal, I had a way to order thousands of magazine subscriptions in one place. Nowhere in their advertising does it state that I have to purchase subscriptions. The wording and the information in the heading of the site say, "Access to thousands of magazines for you and 2 others to enjoy." "All you have to do is sign up for our Gold Membership." In addition when I purchased it said it would renew annually unless hearing from me before the date of June 28, 2020, and my card would be automatically charged. I went into the site to make sure my card was not listed and found that information to be blank. When I tried to contact Magzter to let them know I wanted a refund and to process it immediately, I was put into an endless loop of how to contact them. The phone number or email address was unavailable. I was unable to contact them directly. I even tried to find a number on the internet and could only find an address of 1 Rockefeller Center, 11th Floor, NY, NY. I tried directory services to try to find a phone number and even they were unable to find one. I tried looking up phone numbers for the two company owners, Girish Ramdas and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, to no avail. This company was impossible to contact. I contacted my bank and told them to stop the payment and to not allow the company to send any charges to my bank account. I have blocked Magzter, Inc. from receiving any funds from me. Until my bank successfully blocks them I have no alternative than to wait until my bank proceeds to report the company on my behalf. Do not use this company, do not sign up for anything with this company and do not believe any of their advertising. I am reporting them to the Government Agencies who control this type of misinformation and taking money when not delivering the product as listed. I hope that BBB will also investigate and report on behalf of others like me who have fallen for the promises this company advertises to internet users.

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