Mahvish Group LLC

Ricardo –

Victim Location 70364

Total money lost $499.99

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I contacted the on 2/9/2019 in ref to this company. I received an email this morning. They wanted me to go to *** and take a gift card and up load 5000.00 on several cards so I can get a refund of $249.00. They had my computer locked so I shut down and was able to get back in. I told them no way. Then he started cursing at me. I do have a recording of a part of the conversation

Vincent –

Victim Location 01062

Total money lost $99.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

On the evening of December 14, 2017, I received a phone call from a person who called himself “Alex Wilson,” and identifying himself as a representative of Mahvish Group LLC/Cloud 7 Service, with which I had done business on October 16, 2017. At that time, they gave me a toll free number of 1-844-498-3432. At that time, a Mahvish representative “repaired my computer” for the amount of $99.99 by installing CCleaner, MalwareBytes, and Adware Medic. My bank statement reveals that this amount was credited to Mahvish Group.

On December 14, “Alex” told me that MahvishGroup was merging with another group, Gates Court, because their service had been corrupted, and that the company wanted to refund my money and give me one year of services gratis. He proceeded to get into my bank account to “perform the refund,” giving me all sorts of “Transaction Authentication Codes” to write down and repeat back to him. He gave me a Customer ID of 988-3420-488, A transaction number, a tracking number, an Authentication code, an account number, and a reference number, all of which I have written down and will provide to the FBI or whomever I am directed to about this complaint.

In the ensuing writing down of all these numbers for my “refund,” this individual got into my bank account and transferred $4400 from my savings account into my checking account. I did not know this at that time, and “Alex” told me he had made a mistake that could get him fired—he had erroneously refunded me the amount of $4400! “Look and see, you will see this amount in your checking account!” “Please, mam, please,” he wrote in his written instructions to me about the money gram. He wanted me to go to Walmart and send him two moneygram money transfers on two different days to a bank in Mumbai in the name of Laura Par-sky, as he pronounced it, saying the bank would not accept business money orders but would do a “Personal Use” order for a relative, and I was to say that Laura Par-sky was my cousin. The name of the service was moneygram to Moneygram, money in ten minutes. He gave me the following phone number for the money transfer: 91-987-431-7740. He also gave me a telephone number to contact him because I became suspicious of his urging me to do this on a cold night in December, after the banks were closed, and I could not verify anything (760-284-3382). I did phone this number, left a message, and “Alex” later acknowledged receipt of the phone message.

I went to my ATM and checked my bank balances. I saw that not only had $4400 been deposited in my checking but also that the exact same sum had been transferred out of my savings into the checking account. I returned home and was trying to contact my bank when “Alex” phoned again. I confronted him and hung up.

Corey –

Victim Location 30622

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 10-16-2015 we had a pop up come up on our computer that locked up our computer and there was a 1-800

number to call. We left a message and when they called back they convinced us hackers were in our computer

right then and they could take care of it for us for $400. I stupidly gave them access to my computer and I am embarrassed to say I gave them a $400 e-check. This was supposed to be for 2 year tech support and protection from the hackers. The name of the company is Mahvish Group LLC. My email receipt says it was sent to Smart Solutions III. I did realize I had been fooled and stopped the payment the next day. About a month later my computer wasn’t working right and I had my computer set back to factory settings by a reputable company. A few days ago (3 months later), I was contacted by phone by the same company saying there was a problem with the work they did on my computer and they wanted to give me a $400 REFUND! Of course, in order to get this "refund" I needed to be on the computer with him on the phone and after I filled out a form he would transfer me to the credit department. The website I was supposed to go to was "". I played along to get this information but when I told him I thought it was a scam he ended the call.

Andrew –

Victim Location 96104

Type of a scam Tech Support

Mahvish group LLC. This business is a scam! They tell you that your computer has a virus through a pop up with a horrible alarm noise. They play on your fears and pretend to educate you about a new virus that is not real.

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