Phillip –

Victim Location 44321

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

On June 15, 2015 a young, African American woman knocked on my door claiming to be with MAILBOXMEDIA.US. I had never heard of this scam before. I am usually pretty good at identifying/spotting a bold face liar and can judge a person’s character, so I listened to her sob story with my young six month old baby on my lap on my porch. She explained why and how she came about working for She had a very, emotional and believable story start to finish about how she was now off the streets and working to get custody of her young nephew whose mother was dying from cancer.

I wrote a check to purchase a Marvel Superman Hero subscription for $90. I was completely taken in by this BIG SCAMMER.

I cannot believe she sat there lying through her teeth about every single, sorted detail of her emotional story.

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