Sharon – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 80027

Total money lost $119

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I filled out a customer satisfaction survey for Costco and was awarded a $50 deduction from a list of products. I chose Prime Natural CBD. I picked 2 products and paid $28 over the $50 award. When I got my credit card statement I saw 2 very odd charges I didn’t recognize. One was to a Male Entertainment business and the other to a software company. I looked at my online receipt and saw in very small print that the charges may show up as Male Strength and We The People Software. Odd right? Well,I received the products and thought things were weird but oh well. 14 days later a charge showed up on my statement for $118.88 from Maleliftener############. I called my cred card company and the recording told me it was from a convenience store in Ohio,I live in Colorado. I called the # give with the charge and found out it was yet another name Prime Natural CBD was using for billing. I was told that somewhere in the ultra fine mass of print I received it said that if I didn’t cancel my account I would receive the same products every 14 days at full price. So don’t fill out random customer satisfaction surveys!!!

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