Maltese and Yorkie Breeding Family

Paula – Jul 09, 2020

Victim Location 78665

Total money lost $1,650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to buy two Maltese puppies for my twin’s birthday. This business came into Google search and looked pretty trustworthy. The owner agreed to give me a discount if I buy 2 pups but because they are a family-owned business they told me that they don’t work with merchant processors and the only way to pay as through apps and Visa prepaid. I bought 2 cards together for $900 and sent the picture through text. The next day I received the tracking for the shipping and I was so happy.

The other business (which after talking with both men on the phone I reach the conclusion that is the same guy and he is operating both scam sites. The shipping supposes to be through and the tracking number worked. The next day I got a text from the shipping company (207) 558-5200 their phone, and an email that stated that due to the very warm weather the pups need to be in a create with temperature control.

They told me that I could rent it from them for $750 with a full refund if I return it clean and minus 30% if the crate is dirty. I sent an image for another two Visa prepaid cards for the crate rental. Two days I have not heard anything then, I received today 7/9/20 another text and email that they are in Ohio with the puppies and cannot embark because I need to pay $1250 for insurance. By now I knew that this is a scam and refused to pay. He became very angry and demanding in his texts but I told him I am not paying anymore.

He told me now that he flyes with Pet Airways (a company that closed in 2011). I did call the Cleveland airport where he said he is and they told me that there is no insurance necessary. Looking at Google I found an email for Pet Airways and sent them a message. They responded right away telling me that they will reopen only in 2021 and they have no pets in their care and this was a scam as they never required insurance anyway. I texted the man the info I found and he called me. He had an Indian accent (very similar to the owner of the pet business, and I was inclined to believe that it was the same man) and I could hear a small child laughing in the background.

He was at his house and not at the airport. I asked him to send me a picture with the puppies in the crate in Cleveland airport but he did not. I told him that his company can send me an invoice and I will pay it when the puppies arrive at my home. Needless to say that he did not text me anymore, neither the owner of the pet family business and did not get the puppies. They would not answer the phones either. The Prepaid Visa company will try and do their best and see if they can recuperate all or at least some money but they told me not to be too optimistic. All 4 Visas were at $0 balance and the shopping was done online from expensive stores. What was believable in the beginning was that they actually created a tracking number as the one attached.

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