Maltese Mixed – fake

Jared –

Victim Location 24179

Total money lost $3,120.73

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a beautiful puppy on-line at and inquired about purchase. I checked their website and found beautiful testimonials. I also tried to search to see if this site was involved in a puppy scam and everything looked great. I sent $600 through Western Union for the puppy which was to have been delivered on 7/22/19. I received an email from the carrier (East Coast Pets Transport) saying I had to pay $990 for a required pet carrier and $900 would be returned. I sent to the carrier by Western Union. Next, I received another email saying federal law required I have insurance on any animal under 6 months. I sent $750 by Western Union expecting a $700 return. I went to the airport to get my puppy but, no puppy. I then received an email saying I had to send $550 more for a vet check and $500 would be returned. I argued and told them no but, I really wanted the puppy and they promised this was the last fee. The money was sent again using Western Union. Then just before my puppy was to arrive, I received another email asking for $340 for food/care for two days. I am an intelligent person and I feel so very stupid for falling for this trick. I know my money is gone but I need to help get these guys caught.

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