Maltese Mode

Brandon – Jul 07, 2020

I recently was on the search for a maltipoo,website looked legit I even read the privacy policy and testimonials on the website and very thing seems legit. Kathleen Matheny is the name they use or go by cash app $820 then they tell you they will take the puppy off the websites puppy was still on the website as still available.i first noticed something wasn’t right when I tried calling the phone number it rand and no answer just a beep, no call back.i was trying to change my delivery arrangement to save some money and pick up the puppy from the airport but they wouldn’t acknowledged my question they kept saying delivery would be on the 6th of July wich never happend the morning of July 7 is hey said delivery would be for that morning then that claim to have forgotten my adress asked for it again I called the number no answer. They asked me to send an email with my adress wich I did okay I h along to see if they would actually deliver or ask for more money. Finally in the last email they sent me a delivery form that also looked legit requesting $960 for the deliver fee wich I never paid so people please don’t get caught in this trap it’s all a SCAM

Garrett –

Victim Location 19425

Total money lost $820

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a teacup maltese online and paid seller $820 through Zelle from my Wells Fargo account. At time of shipment I was asked to pay $930 more or I could not have my dog. I realized this was a scam. Seller kept texting me demanding I pay more money now. I stopped all contact with seller. My agent at Wells Fargo said I cannot get money back when transferred through Zelle. Seller "name" is : Kierra Hicks. Email: [email protected] (This was also used to send $ through Zelle). Website is

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