Jose – Jun 24, 2020

My heart is broken $1780
First time was $820
Second time was $960

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Janet – Jun 14, 2020

I have just paid 820 dollars for a maltipoo puppy, they are asking me to pay more 960 dollars and they are not replying any more. We are just so sad and disappointed as we used our daughter’s saving money to buy it. Shame on you Lewis for doing that. Karma will get you. Please don’t trust this website at all.

Diane –

Victim Location 33950

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a Matlese puppy Bety through 12-21-2019; for a total of $820 for puppy/shipping,

shots, insurance and health report for travel from the vet) I sent two payments through Zelle ($500. $320). I asked if they could ship the puppy on 1-10-2020 which they agreed. I called them on 1-9-2020 and they said they could put Ozz (?) on the plane in 35 minutes if I send $1170 to Lateefah Jones @ [email protected] thru Zelle and when I pick up the puppy delivered they will return my $1170 in cash. I questioned that my initial payment include shipping. shots, dr.exam. etc. I asked who is Ozz? And who are you because you obviously aren’t Scott. He never responded to my text on that day. I called his phone no. which I talked to him on (432) 200-9996 and it appears he blocked me or shut off the number. I filed a Incident Report with Incident #20-00108 I also as directed by the police dept. to file a complaint with which I did. I tried calling the in Midland and was directed to this website. I wanted them to know their City is getting a bad wrap from this fraudulent company. The Midland Police is too late to call today so I will be calling them on Monday 1-14-2020. I apparently am out the $820 but I just don’t want anyone else falling for these criminals. Buyer Beware!

Monique –

Victim Location 75238

Type of a scam Phishing

I had been looking for a Maltese puppy to surprise my kids with for Christmas. I was google searching local breeders from Texas and found maltesemode. The website looked nice but something seemed sketchy. They had me fill out my physical address which I thought was strange to revive a contact. They emailed me later with information. The email was poorly written and they were just concerned with the money transfer. I knew then it was a scam so I didn’t send anything. I am just sad that after researching they have been scamming people. Please take sites like this down.

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