Manila Birds

Katherine –

Victim Location 23223

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted him about purchasimg an African Grey Bird. I sent the money to the owner for transportation and bird fee. He is asking me to send more money. He told me the bird will be here 12/12/2016 @6pm the bird never showed up and he is continuing to ask for more money. I asked him to send me my money back he said it was non refundable. He never said this when i asked in the beginning of our initial contact. The pet people contacted on 12/12/2016 said that the bird is here for shipping and in order for me to get the bird i would have to pay an additional 550.00 to get the bird. I called him back to find out what was going on and he said he forgot to tell me that part. He said if i send half he would pay the other half after i already pay the first 550.00 i called him again and he hung up.

Micheal –

Victim Location 01475

Type of a scam Online Purchase

After you make contact with them by emails and they send you fake pics of the bird (They use photos from other breeders claiming it’s them) for a very cheap price they send you this email: Hello again,

We have prepared your bill of sales document which is attached on this email.

You will download it and carefully read through the document to see the terms and agreement of

buying the parrot.

After reading this document, make sure you sign your name on it and send us back a copy of the document.

You will then make the payment using WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM transfer service so that we can arrange

a delivery for the parrot to your home address this morning.

You will Make the payment using the following details below;


Receiver’s Names——-HARRIS FONCHE



ZIP Code—————30304


As soon as you make the payment, Get back to us with the details for confirmation.

Once we confirm the payment, we shall have the bird registered for delivery over to your address

and we shall give you a tracking number which you will use to track the movement of the parrot until it is delivered

to your home.


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