Marc Hendrick

Chad –

Victim Location 27612

Type of a scam Charity

A few weeks ago I received an email from a man saying that his wife had passed away from cancer and that he wanted to make a donation.

I responded that we would be honored to receive the donation, gave him some information, told him how he could donate and told him to let me know if he needed any more information. He then followed up that he would be making a $15,000 donation and a recurring donation of $200 a month. I thanked him for his generosity and asked for a phone number so I could get to know his interests more. He responded with a phone number and that he could be reached after 4 pm and on weekends. I called him once or twice the next week with no answer, leaving a voice mail. Then Friday came and we received a FedEx envelope with a bank check for $30,000. WOW!

I tried calling him later that evening and received the wrong number. I emailed him again and said that we had received a check, not much information was enclosed and the phone number did not work. I also asked for an address to send an acknowledgement. He responded the next day and said if we could just email it that would be great and gave me a new number stating that the other number was an old number. This was the weekend, so I was planning on calling him Monday afternoon. In the mean time I asked our accountant and banker to look into this matter as we had a funny feeling about this entire situation.

That same day I get another email stating that his accountant messed up and he meant for his check to us to be $15,000 and the other $15,000 to be to a friend’s son who was having heart troubles and needed surgery. He asked that we send the difference of the funds directly to the kid’s parents and asked that it be done that day. I replied saying the check had been cashed and I would gladly send it back to him and he could ‘reissue’ the checks. I have not heard from him since.

Obviously this was a scam. (The $30,000 check would have never cleared the bank).There were very many alarms the entire time that made me feel funny.

It angers me tremendously that there are people out there that would do something like this without much thought. This was one of the most elaborate scams I have seen. My fear is that other nonprofits would fall easily into a trap. Upon doing research there are other reports of just this scenario and it is scary. His name was Marc Hendrick. To my nonprofit friends, if anyone by this name contacts you with a similar scenario, please know it is a scam.

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