Marco Antico

Albert – May 05, 2020

Ditto to others experience same name, email etc. continues to ask for VN report and seems very interested, dont respond.

Erica – Apr 07, 2020

Same thing with me. Ad on craigslist (Pittsburgh) and this guy Marco Antico is really interested but needs to have a specific test report for his lender!
The email comes from [email protected]
This time it is which is a newly registered website – registered by a John Lake, Maxwell CA. Probably fake as well.

Ashlee – Mar 31, 2020

Victim Location 89449

Type of a scam Identity Theft

The person contacted me by email from my craigslist ad…he said he was very interested in my car for sale. He asked me to pay $25 for a VIN report. It was the second time I had been asked to pay for it (first time I was asked by another scammer, I fell for the scam). I sent him the previous report I had already ordered and he insisted he needed a new one for his loan officer. I told him I was no longer interested and if he really wanted the car, he would call me and arrange an appointment to see it first. Never heard back from him.

Gerald –

Victim Location 44240

Type of a scam Online Purchase

"Mia" ([email protected]) asked for our contact info for her husband to contact while he is at work. We gave an email address. He emails saying he is very interested in a work van we have for sale and asks some questions about the van ("I really like your vehicle. Can you give me some details about it before I come to see it? Do you have any suspension problems ? Or oil leaking ?Thanks.") We give him some details about it and he responds with:

"I’m interested and ready to come , see , test and make a deal for it .I need something rather soon, but I would like to make sure you/vehicle and all is OK and legit .

For that I need a vehicle Vin report ,don’t send an old one or get something you find , get me the report from . is what my loan officer asked for and needs .

I’d just feel safer about getting a vehicle with an official report because I’ve had friends and family get shafted before."

He went by Marco Antico

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