Margarian Law Firm

Adrienne – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 37122

Type of a scam Scholarship

Last spring I was looking for scholarships to apply for in order to fund my college education. I found the Margarian Law Scholarship through a scholarship search site, and I decided to apply for it. The scholarship form requested a lot of personal information (phone number, address, name, date of birth, etc.). Most of the information seemed standard for scholarship applications, but if I had known it was a scam I would not have provided it. The scholarship was due August 1st, and the winner was to be announced September 1st. I submitted my application and waited for the results. I heard nothing, and I decided to visit their website and Facebook page. The website provided no helpful information, and it explicitly said not to call the office number regarding the scholarship. When I checked their Facebook page I found that there were complaints regarding this scholarship dating back to the 2016 competition. Each complaint, no matter the year, received the same response, there was a large unexpected case and they did not have time to review and announce the winners, but that they would do it soon. It’s been my observation that they have not given a scholarship out since 2016, however they continue to post the application each year. I have attached a copy of the application form.

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