Maria Rankins tracked to [email protected]

Cameron – Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 78613

Type of a scam Government Grant

First, my Instagram was hacked. Someone opened a fake account with just an underscore after my Instagram name, and started contacting me friends. They could tell it wasn’t me though, so started asking me if I had contacted them about something they called American Hope Resources program 2020 Commission. I’m attaching pics of that (that my friend sent me – so they are of the scammer texting her as me). I shut that down and did not report it. No additional information was looked for or found on that.

Then today, I was contacted on FB messenger from a FB friend that I know only through a commonality we have…breast cancer survivors. My friend who sent me the attached pics is a survivor as well. So this person seems to be preying on that group!

Anyway, the message I got today was from someone I’ve never really spoken to in person. I thought that was strange, but also that maybe she needed something relevant to our group/some support, so I replied. But then the person says “Good to hear from you. Am doing wonderfully great and am so happy for my life cos it has really changed for better and i hope you have also been contacted by HCAB yet?” Very fishy. I looked up my friend on FB and sure enough, she’s been hacked. So apparently, her friend had been hacked and started telling her she saw her name and profile on the list…for a fund for disability, etc. After lots of discovery questions, the proposal came down to paying $1000 to get $45000 in the "lottery". Then the scammer assumes my friend’s name and is now trying to scam me! It’s like a daisy chain…scam one, take the info of the one you tried to scam and try to scam people on that person’s list.

Just unbelievable. Anyway, for that scam, this is the information able to be obtained so far:

phone number: 775-346-8191

Email used to hack my friend first:

[email protected]

IP address:

Near Atlanta on Android

All of the victims I know of so far are in the same geographical area.

I’ve filled out the information below to the best of my ability. Since I was approached by the scammer, and do not know the other person approached very well, it is my information that is below.

I sure hope this helps!

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