Marias Amazing Mainecoons AND Lady Smith Cattery Home

Alberto – May 24, 2020

Victim Location 02895

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We contacted Marias amazing mainecoons looking to adopt a kitten named "Lucy" who was "on-sale" for $400, originally $800. The woman, Kirsten, asked us questions to see if we were a good fit for the kitten, then decided we were. She even sent us photos and a video of the kitten. She told us they would take a hold on her which would be about $250. When Lucy was shipped via the pet service, we would pay the rest. All of this was through email. She signed emails "Miss Kirsten and Family." As the process moved forward and we discussed payment, she sent a Zelle account to us where we would send the money. She requested that once the money was sent, we send a screenshot to her via email. When asked if we could have a receipt, she told us the receipt would be in the form of a payment confirmation on Zelle. We were questioning this from the beginning and decided we wanted to speak with her via telephone. The woman called us, she had a very thick/heavy accent, and when we asked questions, she would mute us on the phone almost as if to ask someone else questions. We asked for some kind of proof that this was real and she said she would send us a picture of her ID. We declined since we wanted to do more research on our own. When we searched the internet, we found similar stories for similar websites, we also found other websites with ALL the same kittens for different prices, under a different business name. This woman is scamming people who are searching for Maine [censored] Kittens. Please beware and do research before making a purchase or sending someone money. The rest of the info we have from her is as follows:

Registered Zelle email: [email protected]

Name on the Zelle account: Thomas Billy

The email we were in contact with: [email protected]

Phone number: 862-203-6965

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