Marie Cruz Cavaliers

Carolyn –

Victim Location 23024

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website was accessed by me. The scammer called, Mac Penny, emailed me with a response within 5 minutes. No phone contact was available on the website. He emailed me pictures of cavalier dogs for sale which were also listed on his website. He then text additional pics. I called him and had a difficult time understanding his broken English. He claimed to live in Brownsville, TX. His mobile number checked out to be near that area whenever I googled it. He proceeded with instructions via email and phone call. He stated that the dog could be shipped and all that he needed was shipping info, airport, name, number and address. He instructed me that he usually takes puppies to the pet shipping agency, gets a verification code and once that is set up that he would send the code, website link and then I could pay. All of this looks and appears legitimate but my research led me to realize several problems. 1)’s website is obviously fraudulent and not too secure 2)the dogs in the pictures didn’t exactly match but he did come close 3)he showed great concern for where the puppies might be going in the email but didn’t ask one question about it on the phone 4)there are 6 puppies listed on his website and I’ve never known a cavalier dam to birth that many pups 5)the puppies he had (Ruby, Blenheim, Tri-Color and Black/Tan) could never have been produced from the same parents 6)when asked for pics of 2 of the dogs together he never responded 7)when asked for the AKC paperwork he never responded.

So, beware of MARIECRUZCAVALIER.COM and PETCOMPANIONAGENCY.COM. Both are scamming websites but very believable.

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