Marie Zeko

Andrew –

Victim Location 46121

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Marie Zeko, age 51 offered driveway asphalt sealer and crack filler. She was referred by my daughter’s boyfriend whom she had just completed a driveway seal for on Saturday August 20. She called 5 x on Monday August 21,2017 and came to our home on Tuesday August 22,2017. I had asked for an estimate but she immediately started removing grass and weeds around the driveway and in the cracks in the driveway. My husband was not home at the time. I asked what she was doing and she said it will cost $700 for the job and I can do it now. Said OK since she had her daughter with her and she was already out of the truck and working at the end of the driveway. She & her daughter blow torched all the grass, asked to use my weed eater and then scraped the rest of the weeds w/ a shovel. She had what looked like a giant water container enclosed in an open steel case in the back of her pickup with the sealant in it and a hose attached. She poured buckets and buckets of the ‘sealer’ on the driveway and gave what she said was 2 coats. Then asked for $200 more for 2 coats. Told her we couldn’t do that and only wanted $700 job. She said she would only charge $800 since she already put on 2 coats.

She drove an older dark navy blue F150 triton V8 extended cab, bottom of the truck was silver. The truck had a Mossy oak vertical camo detail on the passenger side close to the rear end of the truck . The truck had an expired paper plate dated 8/20/2017 #7638334.

She said she was a widow and her daughter Zena was with her. I have several up close pictures of her daughter since she fished our lake part of the time while her Marie worked. Also have a picture of Marie & her truck from a distance. The daughter said they moved to Mooresville last year from Greenwood, IN after their dad died. The Mom said they lived in Plainfield for 5 years and just moved to Mooresville, IN on Main street. The daughter said she was home schooled and told me she was 16 and her mom was 51.

We paid her by check for $800 Tuesday 8/22. She cashed the check in Broad Ripple Chase branch 8/23. She said she would be back in 2 days to reseal the cracks, since she was not pleased with on how they looked.

My husband called her yesterday from our home phone to see when she was coming back out and not to cash the check until the job was finished. She said she’d be back this Friday, 8/25. She then called me immediately back on my cellphone and said she already cashed the check an hour before my husband called and why wouldn’t she for all the hard work she did. She was upset. She said she was good for her word and would be back on Friday to reseal out of the goodness of her heart, although she had already said she would be back because she wasn’t satisfied with the job.

I called * ***l *** *** *** company this morning, and spoke w/ ***  and *** *** of *** *** *** *** ***, Plainfield IN. Explained what had happened. They said we had been scammed by one of the best, Marie Zeko and all she uses is a substance with used motor oil for sealant. They told me to contact you and also the police. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

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