Marie Zimmerman

Tracy –

Victim Location 63090

Type of a scam Rental

Found a listing on Badi app for an apartment in Barcelona and started WhatsApping the owner about the property. The owner, "Marie" was very responsive and willing to answer any questions. Conversed through whatsapp and then she said if I wanted to visit the apartment, I could when she got back in 10 days from her trip. In the mean time, she asked for my home address, my email address, and a picture of my passport and she sent me an email to a link of her "airbnb" listing. The email looked completely like an Airbnb email and the listing that it directed me to looked very legitimate as well–until you tried to click on anything to take you away from the listing. All of the "buttons" on the page were not working and I realized the site was not real. She urged me to make the deposit that was "refundable" 3 days up until the booking began and I only had 24 hours to secure the spot.

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