Marina Financial Funding, Windhorse estates

Jaime –

Victim Location 90036

Total money lost $12,750

Type of a scam Employment

Roberta Koehl & I executed on an agreement on 5/14/16, (Copy can be provided) which indicates that I would be paid 50% of fees earned for asking my friend to list their house with her & marketing services provided by me during the listing period, on a house located at 10562 Ohio Ave Los Angeles sold. Roberta received $37,500.00 per the escrow instructions dated July 15/16 Roberta gave me a check on 8/4/16 for $12,437.50 (Forgive me but my calculator tells me that check should have been $18,750.00) which she stoped payment on the same day? Then sent a check for Approximitly $6,000 because I had an attorney call her, there is a balance that she has not paid, so I took the $6,000 and gave it to an attorney because my self respect is worth more than $6000. I will follow her to the gates of hell to get the rest of my money plus attorneys fees. If this woman would scam the very person responceable for getting her the listing, she wont hesitate to scam anyone else. If you do business with her you will have to sue her to make her do the right thing. Avoid this person at all cost.

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