Mark Anderson

Alexandra – May 14, 2020

Victim Location 99013

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

First the individual called my mom and told her his name (Mark Anderson with caller id # (206)457-0779) he is out of Walla Walla and she had won not only the main prize of $2.5 million, but the 75 in T.V., a 2021 Buick, and a 2021 truck of her choice. All she had to do was go to one of the three banks(chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo) and send $1,400 to cover the IRS state clearance fee. So shes goes to the nearest town to go do this. When she gets to Bank of America she tells him she is in-front of the bank. He gives her the name of Jean Sullivan bank number 138127021009 routing number 125000024. While she was driving to town she had picked up my grandma and she had called her lawyer who said if you really won then take it out of the winnings. She called the individual back, told him the bank was closed and mentioned to take the fees and taxes out of the winnings. He then got irritated and said that is not how its done. Then they hung up. He had called 4 days in a row and my mom was ignoring his calls. He then called my dads cell phone and wa being rude to my mom when she said to take it out of her winnings and send her the remaining amount in a form of a check. They continued to tell her that is not how it works and she had to send them money so mom said to just keep it then and hung up. He then called back two times in a row with the number (509)436-0890, then at a restricted number and my dad had answered. Told him what my mom had said. The individual tells my dad the taxes on the winnings were $140,000 to $150,000. They then tell him well then we can meet at a bank of your choice and had asked for his bank number. My dads phone was cutting out so he told them to call back on a landline number at that time they had lost connection. My dad looked up his number on his cell phone mentioned above and the individual had answered hello, oh hi Frank. He was saying a few things about the bank and my dad said "hold on my wife has to get a paper and pen". The individual said "why is she getting paper and pen?"

Dad said "she likes to have things written down so she doesn’t mess up" and he interrupted and said "what?" I said "she doesn’t like to get her t’s crossing her i’s." The individual then starts to call my mom names and says I need to end my dads life and starts calling me names and how I’m getting my parents inheritance and home, That I need to get off my lazy hmmmm and get a job and goes on calling me names. He then tries to confront my dad "Mr. Frank" then he continues to name call my mom and me. I admit at the end of the call I said a seven letter word two parts, and I said you are not a professional, you wouldn’t talk bad about the significant other or other family members and you wouldn’t say anything about taking another persons life and if he called my parents again I was going to call the police and I have his information.

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