Mark Brown from the State Attorneys General Office

Nancy –

Victim Location 97709

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call on 12/07/2015, at 7:48AM from a Seattle, WA number. When I answered the call it was an automated message stating that, "This is Mark Brown from the Attorneys General Office, a lawsuit is being filed against you. If you don’t contact us back at 206-701-7426 we will contact your family members, and friends in an attempt to reach you." I call the number back immediately and left a message only saying my first name, and asked to know exactly what it why they are contacting me, and wanted to know exactly what it was regarding. The voicemail box was for a Mark Brown, and he had strong acent of some sort. I also thought it was weird that they just called me, and left me a message to call them back, and then didnt answer. So I looked up the number for them on the internet and there was posts saying "Mark Brown from Attorney Generals Office. SCAM!" I called the number again, no answer, and then again and a guy answered saying "This is Mark Brown……" So I said, "I received a call from this number, what is this regarding?" he said, he needed my name so he could look into for me, I gave him my first name and he asked if I was someone named Randy.. or if I knew Randy (forget the last name). I said no I dont, but you have no right to be calling anybody because I looked your number up, your a scam and DO NOT EVER CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN, I AM GOING TO BE REPORTING YOU TO THE AUTHORITIES. He got angry and yelled over me stating that it is none of my business and hung up on me.

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