Mark J Stiles

James – Jul 04, 2020

I just recently contacted Mark J Stiles about a home in Rochester NY. Same M.O. House was way to cheap for the area to be true. Someone needs to stop whoever this is and Zumper needs to screen these people.

Pedro – Apr 27, 2020

Mark J Stiles is using a property I have listed for sale. He lists it as being for rent and then asks his victims to send him deposit money. The property is in Chico CA. I have reported him to Craigslist and to the FBI IC3 Department. The email he uses is: [email protected] The phone number he uses is 541-638-5407. One of his victims is an elderly woman taking care of her disabled grandchild.

Beth – Mar 29, 2020

Victim Location 29910

Type of a scam Rental

I contacted this man about a rental property in Charleston South Carolina. He has listed through Zumper at $800 a month included utilities. After emailing back and forth I did research on the property. I found out he did not own it. This ended our conversation. I did not sent money but he does have my name, phone number, email address, and home address. He emailed back asking for the $800 security deposit. I never replied. He claimed to work for SIMs mission company and was working in Oregon to help preach the gospel. And needed someone to stay in their home for a few years. Once I researched the real owner and saw the true value of the property I knew it was a scam and cut of the communication.

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