Mark Johnson

Miranda –

Victim Location 43227

Total money lost $7,200

Type of a scam Romance

I meet a guy named Mark Johnson on Facebook with the purpose to date, then he told me he was in the Army, he supposedly lives in Syria. After a week he started to saying that the terrorists have his documents he asked me to receive a box by post mail with his personal documents but i have to help him paying for that, he would pay me back once we meet in person, he said he was in love with me. I decided to help him and i made a deposit of 1,800 dollars then this people (the people who supposedly had his documents) sent me a certificate of United Nations saying that thanks to my payment i would be free to be accused of terrorism. The same day they contact me again saying that the box was stuck in Canada customs that i had to pay more, they threatened me that if i didn’t pay they would accuse me of terrorism with the FBI. So i payed another 3,000 dollars. Then they told me that it was not enough to get the box, then i payed another 2,400 dollars. The guy that supposedly loved me he was putting pressure on me and manipulating me. Then i decided to tell my family to get help. The guy blocked me on Facebook but he keeps contacting me by Hangouts app. he keep asking me for money, and the people of the fake united nations they keep sending me sending me email and texts threatening me about the FBI but i do not answer anymore.

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