Mark Lane

Jorge –

Victim Location 54758

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I listed a matching diamond ring and earrings on Craig’s List. I was contacted via text from someone willling to purchase it.  They would send me $2050 to help cover shipping, and wanted next day delivery. Since I live in a small town with no UPS or FEDEX, I told him it would come the next day via USPS. We agreed to use PayPal to receive the money. I received an email that said money had been withdrawn from his account and would go in mine once I had given the tracking number. When I did that, I received another email saying that it would up to 12 hours to verify before the money was deposited into my PayPal account. The email looked kind of hinky, so I decided to investigate. It turns out the address was a Shop and Ship operation with thousands of mailboxes. Literally anyone could have it sent there and then it would shipped who knows where. As I went on PayPal to see what a reply from them would look like, I found a video telling me how to tell if it was a scam. None of their info helped, as the main thing they said was that they would use my full name. So did the scammer. When I looked up the address, there were a lot of bad reviews indicating a bunch of scam artists using these mailboxes. While I think Shop2Ship is a legitimate business, it can’t possibly police thousands of mailboxes. The email used was [email protected] and the phone number used was 213-478-7462. The scammer used the name Mark Lane,

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