Mark Ross

Gerald –

Victim Location 28376

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed about a part time job opportunity by a fellow student. Looked into it, to find out it was a advertisement gig for the UEFA Championship for the year 2020. I applied and sure enough was able to be “employed”. The job was supposed to be placing decal of the advertisement on my car and driving about my normal routine. I dug a little more into it because my dad was becoming overprotective and skeptical and it turns out that there was another scam like this in Indiana. A guy by the name of Mark Ross emailed that student about an advertising gig for $350 a week for the Olympics of 2018. Mark Ross was the name of the guy that emailed me about driving with UEFA decal on my car for $250 a week. He told me that my first paycheck would come with the $250 and extra funds to pay the “specialist” to place the decal on my car. Even tried to make it sound more professional by telling me to read the document the specialist will give me carefully in case of breach of contract or damage.

Susan –

Victim Location 94044

Type of a scam Employment

Scammer posted on my school’s job posting website about Olympic advertisement in the form of vinyl car-wraps for $350 a week, but after contacting him he said he would send a check to pay for first week’s payment and also for the wrap to be put on. This check probably would have bounced. Others have reported this as a scam in other states like Indiana.

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