MarketForce Secret Shopper

Katie –

Victim Location 65802

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I answered an ad for mystery shoppers and was quickly contacted by this "co" and told I had been selected to conduct a "review" of walmarts money transfer SVC known as Walmart to Walmart. Was told to watch for a pkg in the mail w/ instructions. (At this point, I already knew I wouldn’t be conducting the review, as I happen to be a Walmart associate, and it would be a breech of ethics for me to do so.) When said pkg arrived it contained instructions, and a check drawn on a JP Morgan Chase account for the amt of $1,680.00. The instructions were to first deposit the check in my acct and wait for it to clear. Then I was to spend 50.00 on anything of my choice, review the product and keep it for myself. I was then to send $1300.00 via WM2WM money transfer SVC using the info I gave above for the recipient. The final 300.00 remaining was to be mine for doing this. Like I said, I couldn’t conduct this mystery shop, but I had some suspicions as to the legitimacy of this transaction, so I took the chk to WM and tried to cash it. And as I suspected, the chk was no

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