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Nicole –

Victim Location 80016

Total money lost $33,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

this company called me with a great offer to buy my timeshare in Mexico. Although it sounded too good to be true, they said due to Nafta, they had a buyer for 41 properties at my resort, the Grand Luxxe. Unfortunately, I signed a contract and then the trouble began. They first asked for $5,000 to get registered in Mexico, so I wired the money to an account in Mexico. Then they said there was federal tax that had to be paid, but the buyer would pay that in the amount of $46,000. They even sent me a receipt showing the payment to the Mexican government. Next, they said that there was state tax that I had to pay and it was $23,000, so I stupidly sent that to Mexico as well, thinking that then I would get my money from the sale. they even sent me a bank statement showing the money deposited, including getting paid back for the 5k and the 23k. Right before the money was to be transferred, I got a copy of a letter stating that I had to pay another $5,000 for some Mexico government regulations. I did this and then I was told that the money was disbursed. However, before it showed up in my account, which I gave them also, they sent me another letter supposedly from the Mexico customs department saying that I had to pay another $45,000 for a customs clearance, of which the buyer agreed to reimburse me 72%. Finally, I had enough. I checked with a timeshare lawyer in New Orleans who told me it was definitely a scam. Then, I called the resort to see what they knew and before I told them anything, they described the exact scenario to me as what had taken place. They said it was definitely a scam. I told the company I was through and they threatened to sue me for their commission of $27,000. They also asked me to sign a cancellation notice to the contract, which I never did. I reported this to the FBI, but have not heard back. Right now, I am out $33,000, which I will never see again. Stupid me. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I have not heard from them now for about two weeks and don’t expect to, but I wanted to warn any others not to be taken in by this scam like I was and apparently somebody else by the same deal also.

Amanda –

Victim Location 63304

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

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