Mark’s Wildlife Control

Mallory –

Victim Location 19121

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Other

BEWARE! BEWARE! This company must have gone "Underground" after my services to remove Squirrels from my attic were started. They did not properly follow-up with appointments after the initial consultation appt. in July, 2018. The wrong traps were used, and they did not come back daily to check them either, the time frame was in 2 week intervals. They were a no call, no show for the last two appointments that I had scheduled before they went MIA in September! The receptionist was horrible as well, very, very, rude and now, the voicemail is constantly on the line. They have not returned my calls and the address that is listed on their website is bogus. I went there after they did not come for the appointments to speak to someone in person, and it was just an old abandoned house in Northeast Phila. So, unfortunately I got ripped off thinking that these people were legit based on the reviews on their website. I truly learned my lesson the hard way, and still have to find a reputable, licensed company and spend more money to try to get this problem resolved. Please never, ever contact them if they decide to resurface.

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