marksans pharma LTD.

Benjamin –

Victim Location 91767

Type of a scam Employment

Offers individuals employment through Marksans Pharma LTD in regards to Data Entry,Clerical, Accounting and front desk positions.They contact you on google+ as well as send a text offering interest with the company. They ask to online interview and then offer you the job. After the job they send you a check stating that this is for materials for work. Once you revived the money they have you deposit the money on a mobile app and then they will tell you take money out to send to a vendor agent through a money gram or western union. They will have you try to take money out before the bank releases the check on hold. The check will bounce. Basically, the scam is they send you money to deposit and it is a fraudulent check and it will bounce but they try to get you to take money out to send to vendors.

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