Martinez & CO. LLC

Kristin –

Victim Location 75401

Type of a scam Credit Cards

They will contact you via email/text requesting your services, they will agree to pay anything you say and will pay even more but, then they will ask you for a "little favor", to make a deposit from those funds to another person, once the funds are cleared. BE CAREFUL… NUMBERS ARE 612-213-5927 AND 612-405-2594. In my case I’m a freelancer graphic and web designer and they contacted me requesting a web design for a new company that exports and imports organic products "MARTINEZ & CO LLC" they offer me to $X000 to initiate the process, but they needed the website content t and logos first, so I had to charge manually (keyed the card number) with my merchant card reader, %50 plus $2200 for the content manager to initiate the job, once the funds were cleared I needed to wire the amount of $2200 to the content manager, and $200 extra tip for me for doing the what they call "LITTE FAVOR", it sounded great specially this time of the year little extra cash doesn’t hurt nobody , everything sounded good until the charge went thru and I ask them to provide me with a form of ID and a shoot of the credit card to send a proof to my bank and they said not to worry that everything was ok and that they had enough credit on the card, so that same day I sent them ax text telling them that I was walking way from the mutual agreement due to a family emergency, I called my merchant account to cancel that transaction .. Just be real care full with this guys they make everything sound so real.. BE CAREFUL… NUMBERS ARE 612-213-5927 AND 612-405-2594.

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