Mary Adamski

Miranda –

Victim Location 60642

Type of a scam Employment

Applied for a job on the indeed website, and was contacted by a person who called themselves Mary Adamski. The person said that they were an artist who worked in Dubai and Canada as well as the U.S, and was searching for a personal assistant. They were very formal in the emails but accepted my application via email and confirmed my position without a physical interview. The first task that was asked of me, was to cash a check, withdraw the money, and send it to some of her "clients" in the US and Dubai, $1,285 each, through moneygram. However, the person was making sure that I would pay that amount to the two clients before the check was completely verified, therefore sending my own funds. At this point things seemed too fishy. I had my bank teller contact the bank of the check i received from her, and it was verified as a fraudulent check. When i contacted "Mary" telling her that the check was fraudulent, she started to curse at me and threatened me by saying things such as: "youll regret what youve done." I than blocked the number and emails.

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