Mary Conroy

Barbara – May 02, 2020

Victim Location 03103

Total money lost $520

Type of a scam Other

I was emailed by who I thought was my boss. It came up as her name and looked exactly like all other emails coming in from her. It asked for a favor. I repsonsed saying I would do it. It asked me to purchase specific gift cards. It said "she" was in a meeting and could not get them and would I get them for her. I totally fell for it! I went to several stores and purchased giftcards to get to the amount they were asking for $400 before I ralized it was a scam. And I also made an error that added $120 that could not be returned bc they were gift cards. The premise was that they were a gift she needed to get and she couldnt leave the house. My boss does have weekend meetings, and has also been self quarentined and hasnt left the hosue for weeks so that added to my thinking that it was legit. What finally made me think it might be a scam was the repsonses I was getting when I was emailing them (pictures of the codes on the back) to her. Uggghhhhh! Ive never been scammed before! I have contacted my credit card to report it to see if they will accpt it as fraud. I just wnated to make sure you knew. thank you. *******  **** ************

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